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Weekend Update

How’s everyone’s weekend plans holding up? Are the costumes ready, candy bowls filled, pumpkins carved? We are in our happy place, and for now the weather is cooperating! It sprinkled a bit midday, but we were able to walk on the beach at lowtide(no treasures), took our weekly […]

Suislaw Weekend Hike

Our Sunday afternoon hike with the boys. We were hoping to see animals, so the dogs stayed at camp. We took to hiking Sunday afternoon around the lagoon, that the beavers are so fond of and a trail that heads toward the beach along the Suislaw River. The […]

Fay’s Photography

My favorite shots from camp this past weekend by my mom… Which one is your favorite? Im so jealous of my mom’s wildlife photos!  I just love them!💗 Have a great Tuesday! #colecampfireblog, #faysphotography, #photography, #thousandtrails, #weekendsaway, #oregoncoast, #beavers, #coyote, #deer, #camping, #rvlife,  

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