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Sunday Photos (Of Mine)

I’ve been posting my mother’s photography each Sunday and it’s been fun sorting through her photos with her. This Sunday my parents are on vacation in New Mexico. They are so busy I doubt she will send me her pictures for the week. So I am picking a […]

A New Family Pet?

My 10 year old son, Joey is homeschooled and has been really interested in having his own pet(specifically a rat). A friend of ours has a pet rat and I’m told they can be quite loyal and smart(for a rat).  We do however, already have 2 dogs, 1 […]

If My Pets Were People…

This morning while I was watching our little yorkie(Rio) hop around pestering everyone with her huge personality. I had a thought…what if Rio was a person? As cute as she is at 8 pounds, I really wouldn’t like her much as a person. I know that sounds mean but […]

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