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3.2.1 Quote Me

Quote Tag This is another fun Tag A Guy Called Bloke tagged me in this morning.. Thank you for thinking of our blog! Its a fun way to share quotes.🤩 The rules are simple, we have a topic for the day(knowledge), we pick 2 quotes and tag 3 other […]

Motivation for Monday!

When Ryan and I are complaining about the week, we’re different. We don’t complain about the same dreary Monday. He groans for work Monday morning, dragging himself along, barely able to smile as he makes us coffee. I on the other hand have always been ok with Monday. […]

3.2.1 Quote Me!

3.2.1 Quote Me! I haven’t done this tag before and thought it was fun and easy enough. I knew I needed to start it right away because I’ve been tagged before in things and I have the best intentions, but when I go to do it, they’ve scrolled […]

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